Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Running the Race

Ten years ago my sister-in-laws husband, Micah, heard those dreaded words "You have cancer." A man in his early 20s he wasn't supposed to hear those words, nor have the need for life-saving medical treatment, or wonder "will I beat it?" But he did. Ten years ago we were not a part of his journey; however, 10 years later we have the immense joy of celebrating Micah's life and health with him.

Micah is a wonderful man. He is steady and thorough. He has a bright mind that thinks deeply and loves knowledge. If you look at his bookshelf, you will not be staring at the titles of fluffy novels but rather books about how to love God, to love your family and how to be a leader. He is someone who strives for personal growth so that he can in turn pour in to others.

One handy thing about Micah is that he is a researcher. If you don't have the time or energy to sort through all the options Micah is your go to man, he will sift through the junk and present you with the gold. I think he gets a rush from finding the best product at the best price and being a person who loves a good deal for a quality item, I appreciate this skill Micah has refined.

Finally, Micah is a great Father and a strong role-model to his sons of what it means to love and care for his family and wife. Because he beat cancer I now have two beautiful nephews. Jude and Levi are built like tanks and each have such wonderful personalities. We like to joke that Owen will have to learn how to run fast to avoid becoming an "Owen-sandwich" between the Stroh boys. One thing I respect him for is how intentional he is with Casey, my sister-in-law. Not a week goes by that he doesn't stop and take her out. The dates are not always glamorous but they don't need to be he is giving her the opportunity to be refreshed and to reconnect.

Levi - Seven months and teething

Jude sitting on Micah's Dad's shoulders looking for Micah to run by.

In celebration of Micah's 10 year cancer free anniversary, Josh joined him in a 10k run this last weekend in Seattle...perhaps next year Owen and I will join in on the running fun. But either way, I am excited for the years ahead as our families grow, thankful that Micah is here.

Josh (the one in yellow) nearing the finish line.

Micah finishing strong!


Owen dreaming of cheering on his Daddy and Uncle Micah to the finish line.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day at the Cabin

This weekend (June 12-13) was beautiful in Seattle. When such marvelous weather occurs there is no question as to what to do being outside is simply a must. So after a rousing World Cup Party cheering on the USA to their tie with England we packed up and headed off to the King family cabin on Lake Rosiger. It was a lovely afternoon of sitting on the dock soaking up the rays coupled with the challenge of keeping Owen cool with out getting a sun burn! My doc sitting sun soaking days are numbered I'm afraid, before I know it this little man will have me chasing him around as he explores the wonders of the cabin on the lake.

Owen's first time fishing...never too early to start a King boy fishing!

Another fisherman in the making...

Every once in awhile there is evidence that I exist too!

Owen is five weeks old!

Fishing is hard work, time for a snuggle with Grammi.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Faux hawks and Superman

Meet Owen. He is three and a half weeks old. He is mellow and sweet, content to cuddle to sleep on our chests or simply examine the world from the perch of his jungle themed swing. He has two cries: "Feed me now!" and "I am cold so put a diaper back on me!"Don't worry, we know we are spoiled that he only chooses to express himself through crying in those two instances and are completely aware that this may not last. Otherwise he vocalizes himself through growling (I fear for my breasts sometimes as he goes to latch-on), singing in contentment which usually happens when he is falling asleep, or a gentle whimper when he is uncomfortable.

Peacefully sleeping

Those stupid hands always wake me up!

Classic Owen face

Beyond his great little personality Owen has some distinctly cute physical features. He has bright inquisitive eyes which he will skeptically look at the world through one at a time as we wakes up. If he happens to make eye contact with you as he's waking up, one eye at a time, he will often slowly re-close it with an air that seems to say "I'm not so sure about you." He has a great head of hair (apparently he did not inherit my hair gene since I was bald for quite some time) so much so that he could almost use a hair cut already! He has long legs, taking after his Papi (my Dad - David Carlson), which results in high-water pants since his little waist is too skinny for the next size up. Finally, he has a bright red birth mark on his left palm which we have fondly re-named his Superman Stamp.

Bright Eyes

All these things together only give a slight glimpse as to who Owen is. It's impossible to adequately capture all the intricacies of his little person. But it's fun to step back and realize that Josh and I can already identify so many unique things about him. I just keep thinking how blessed we are to have him in our lives.

Owen's great hair...he's already got a faux hawk

We are working on his blue steel face.

His Superman Stamp

Note the high-water pants.
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