Tuesday, May 13, 2014

10 on not quite the 10th

 We had two birthdays since the last time we talked.
This one turned 2. I always thought Owen was "all boy" and then Jesse came along and took that to a whole new level. He is constant motion. He jumps off of everything and I mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Curbs, mini slides, steps, ottomans...if it's elevated he will most assuredly jump off of it. While most kids walk or run, Jesse prefers to jump 5 times before breaking into a full body run in which his hands are tucked up into his arm pits, his elbows start swinging and his little torso twists to and fro as his little legs beat the ground. It's a wildly inefficient way to run but ridiculously cute to watch.
He's our little beast. We frequently pause and speculate as to where his body type came from because he's built like a brick. I keep wondering if he and Owen will be in the same size clothes by the end of the summer. He dislikes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches but other than that is a great eater. Hot dogs are his favorite food by far.

He loves all things super-heroes and is quick to point out any suspicious individual by saying "bad guy, mama!" He likes to pick out his clothes (something Owen could still care less about) and, naturally, his clothing of choice has "mat-man" on it.
 He is my little snuggler, quick to dole out hugs or kisses unprompted and a mama's boy through and through (lucky me!) I adore and cherish this little one. 

 The other birthday belongs to this little boy. My big 4 year old!
In this past year we have seen so many traits come out in him which cause our hearts to soar. He is left handed. He loves to learn, soaking up every opportunity to do his "school book" or practice writing; I love seeing how his wobbly letters have progressed since we started preschool activities at home. 

He loves to sing and has a quick mind and ear for picking up lyrics, which now means I REALLY have to think about what I am listening to. He gave up napping this year but, thanks to Adventures in Odyssey, daily quiet time is a breeze most days.

He loves to encourage others, if very affectionate and has a beautifully sensitive spirit. When Josh was remodeling our bathroom this winter, Owen would poke his head in to check Josh's progress and always left him with some sort of praise "You're doing such a good job, Daddy!" "You're such a hard-worker!"
I adore seeing life through his eyes.

 How blessed and rich our life is because of these two precious boys the Lord has given us. 
I love every day I get to spend with them.