Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Paint the Moon wk 8 - Good Morning

The muffled pats of slippered feet can be heard padding down the hall as a semi-comatose 2 1/2 year old searches for a lap and some arms to snuggle him. Josh meets his sleep heavy steps halfway down the hall, scoops him up and proceeds to snuggle into the best corner of the couch.

It's moments like these that we as parents need; those times, when our strong willed, passionate, vibrant, patience-testing, active almost three year old son wants to curl up in our laps and be held.

 These pictures also make me pause and reflect on how incredibly grateful I am for the man that I get to parent our precious children with. There are many reasons that I love him; some of these things I've loved for over a decade and some are new as parenting, marriage, and the ebbs and flows of life draws out our strengths and weaknesses. He's not perfect but he is my partner. There have been countless days in recent months where I pause, look at him, and think to myself "Thank you Jesus, that there are two of us because I couldn't do this without him."

I wish every morning could start off with such sweetness and giggles over green smoothie mustaches.
Thankfully, most of them do, but for those times where someone wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, I'll come back to these pictures and be reminded of how a Good Morning starts.