Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cozy cabin day

A couple of weekends ago we spent the gray rainy June days at the King family cabin on Lake Roesiger. It was a rather impromptu trip and we were so glad that the Bustamante and Izzard families could join us. Generally we meet once a month (sans children) as couples to pray together for our families and marriages, and since our monthly gathering was upon we decided to spend the day together with all our crazy children.

Trying on Daddy's glasses

Since the weather was nothing but wretched we spent the day inside playing games, watching movies (well the kids did), and eating food. It could have been a miserable rainy Saturday in which we pined for warm rays of sunshine but being together turned it into a lovely and delightful day. We are blessed to have such great friends to be with.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

A boy and a box

Our house is older, the kind of old where puke green linoleum (which was discovered under the equally stylish blue linoleum flooring we pulled up in our bathroom) and concrete aggregate benches in front of fireplaces in the living room were considered fashionable. The bathroom flooring was a quick enough fix, the concrete bench however remains in tact.

(Pre-move in shot...I really should do a before and after of our house)

This little bench has one redeeming quality about it- instant seating when company is over. Otherwise, in the world of "life with an almost toddler" it is simply brain damage waiting to happen. Once you add a wooden coffee table with pointy corners in to the mix, the living room transforms into a death trap. Okay, I might be slightly exaggerating BUT, our living room was not a place I felt completely comfortable leaving Owen unattended in for fear that his furniture cruising would end up in some severe facial bruising. So, we finally purchased a leather ottoman in an effort to remove at least one of the pointy obstacles in the room.

The arrival of the ottoman resulted in relief for us and a large box for Owen to play in. It's amazing how something as simple as cardboard can change the rhythm of an afternoon. Owen thought it was glorious, and after a good romp in the box, we flipped it over, cut out some holes in the end and produced an equally entertaining tunnel. Sometimes, it really is the simple things in life.

Don't you wish you had a box?

Moving furniture is tiring.

So sneaky...




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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sunny days chasing the clouds away...

This last weekend was a momentous occasion for reached 78! Let's be honest, in Seattle 78 is the perfect temperature, it's not too hot nor humid and your non-air conditioned house is still a manageable temperature inside. When it's sunny being outside is pretty much mandatory in this house - enter the first purchase of (what will ineviditably be many) Owen's first kiddie pool. I seriously think this kid could spend the entire day in either the bathtub or his pool. Despite the frigid temperatures the hose water offered, he was in heaven. And until we took pity on his poor little soul and poured two big buckets of hot water in the pool, he was breathless everytime he splashed water over his head. Not gonna lie, it was pretty funny. Did I mention I secretly plan on obsconding Owen's kiddie pool during nap time this summer to sit in the cool waters, read a good book, and chase my version of a tan (i.e. one shade darker than white)? I look forward to what will hopefully be many an afternoon watching Owen enjoy his pool.

Splash with me Daddy!

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