Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Escape

This past weekend we decided to go in search of winter. While the temperatures had returned to their frosty lows, the promise of snow actually falling from the sky in Seattle seemed far fetched. Fortunately, our family cabin is nestled in the bosom of winter by this point in the year and the promise of mounds of fluffy white beckoned us.

Lost River

Armed with spontaneity, good food, and the promise of cozy relaxation we embarked on the 4.5 hr drive with our good friends the Pykes. Winter did not disappoint. After digging our way in to the cabin the real adventure began as we "un-winterized" our weekend abode. A fire was quickly made, electric base board heaters turned on, and a prayer thrown up that no pipes had frozen. As the cabin began to thaw it became clear that the pipes were not. Undeterred by the possibility of no running water we began to melt pots of snow on the stove all the while patting ourselves on the back for our resourcefulness (Bear Grylls would have been proud.) We finally turned in for the night hoping that the blazing fire would warm the bones of the cabin and magically allow the water to flow in the morning.

Morning dawned and so did our plans for the day in our winter paradise. Alas, our hopes for hot water were dashed as a pipe to the water heater busted. But, after an evening spent with no water at all (and therefore no toilet - nothing like peeing in a bucket at 7 months pregnant) we gladly accepted the absence for the simple pleasure of running cold water.

After a delicious breakfast we were eager to get our snow clothes on and romp in the freshly fallen mounds of snow. I was particularly excited as it felt like this was Owen's first time in the snow since last year he was so little. Plus, let's be honest, there's nothing cuter than a tiny little person bundled up in so many layers they can barely move their arms.

Marshmallow bear

We were not disappointed, Owen embraced playing in the snow whole-heartedly. I loved watching him ponder the sound of it's crunching and the way it covered his boots as he walked down the road during our afternoon walk. He was so thoughtful, so content to explore the wonders of white surrounding him.

"Helping" shovel

As for sledding, he quickly figured out it is not only an exhilarating activity but also an excellent means of transportation. I could have watched Owen and Josh sled all day, the expressions of joy and excitement permanent upon their faces. While I have loved every month with Owen thus far for different reasons, I think this age is quickly becoming one of my favorites primarily because I get to watch Josh and Owen play together. As we walked the snowy terrain around the cabin, I found myself incredibly excited to introduce another boy in to the mix dreaming of the winters ahead that will be filled with sledding, snow ball fights, and adventuring in this amazing spot.