Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wee-One King

We are having a boy! Holy Cow were we wrong! December 23rd was my 20 week appointment and both of us were so excited, not only to find out, but also to see just how much the wee-one has changed from the ultrasound at 8ish weeks. We both marveled as the tiny little legs and arms came into view and as we saw the ribs and spine. My Doctor kept saying "You take amazing pictures! She (the ultrasound tech) just got all the different views of the heart and brain so clearly!"

Spine and Ribs

Finally came the big reveal...It's a boy! My first response was one of shock but also pure excitement for Josh as he will have a little buddy to pass on the traditions of hunting, fishing, soccer and all things boy that he loves so dearly. Not to mention the fact that since Josh is the only King boy left, the pressure is now and forever taken off us in having to carry on the family name!

The other thing that has been interesting and amazing to me about discovering that our baby is a boy is the mental shift that comes in realizing what it is. On the one hand, I am excited to have a boy because I love boys. I grew up with four of them and there is a passion and energy for life that boys have that is simply refreshing. Not to mention the fact that our son will some day be an older brother, hopefully to a girl some day. I have an older brother, a wonderful and talented older brother, with whom I have had a very special relationship with for most of my life. My dream was always that one day, if I had the honor of having a daughter, she would be able to experience the same type of relationship that my older brother (and younger brothers) have shared. Now, that dream will hopefully become a reality.

Sucking his thumb

There was a part of me, just for a brief moment, that thought about the promises the Lord gave me before this pregnancy and wondered about the name and why I don't get to use it with this child. But immediately these two thoughts came to my mind: 1) The name is still a promise, one that gives hope for future children, knowing that one day I will meet the little girl this name is for. 2) The Lord has answered another desire of my heart in having this little baby be a boy in that he will be an older brother, will carry on the family name for the Kings, and will be someone with whom Josh can pour into. For all those reasons and more my heart rejoices in having a boy.

Our joy was multiplied even more as we shared the news with our parents and family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We went out and bought two onesies to wrap up for our parents to open in front of the fam. On Christmas Eve, my mom was so excited she dropped the box on the ground before she even knew what it was. When she pulled the navy blue onesie with Batman and the saying "Hanging with a Hero" on it, I think she too for a moment didn't believe we were having a boy...while she was hoping for a little femiminity she will be a wonderful grandma to a little boy, seeing she's already had so much practice with them!

What?! It's a boy!

Grammi to a superhero!

The onesie we found for Josh's family was perfect. If any of you know Josh, he has always been a HUGE fan of Superman. So we found the perfect little onesie with superman on it as we knew it would be the perfect hit with his family. Once again, our announcement was received with extreme joy and excitement and was only furthered as Josh's Mom gave us a gift of a Superman piggy bank she has had for quite some time waiting for us to have a son. Apparently, the wee-one is destined to a life of loving super heroes!

A World of Twinkling Beauty

Wednesday night we partook in some of the fine sights of Christmas the greater Seattle area has to offer to carry on with the Christmas spirit. The Bellevue Botanical Gardens transforms in to a wonderland of flora and fauna re-created by thousands of twinkling lights. It was quite amazing to walk around and marvel at how distinctly the displays reflect the real thing!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Jack Frost Nipping - 18 Weeks

I am 18 weeks which translates into 2 more weeks till we finally find out what the "wee-one" (our term of endearment) is! I have really started to feel the baby moving in the last week. I think I've actually been feeling it for the past couple of weeks, but didn't want to label it as such since what do I know? I've never been pregnant before. Its is really like nothing you've experienced before realizing and feeling that what is inside of you has grown enough to make such a physical impact...and the movement is just beginning!

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