Thursday, September 27, 2012

5 months!

My goodness, how is he already 5 months old?
Every month I find myself astounded because somehow I love him even more than the month before and every month I can't imagine how I could possibly love him more. Maybe it's his bald head and gigantic blue eyes, or his funny little growl, or the way he talks in his falsetto when he's excited. Perhaps it's his strength or the way he is now obsessed with jumping ever since I put him the "Johnny-jump-up." Or, maybe it's the fact that he loves to go to bed at 6:30...just kidding. But really, it's this amazing capacity God has given us for our hearts to expand in love when we didn't think it could possibly do so anymore. Whatever it is, I could kiss his cheeks all day long.
 This picture just makes me chuckle. 

Things about Jesse:
-Almost sitting up by himself. He will sit unassisted for quite some time before he'll fall over. I'm looking forward to those days of being able to just put him down sitting up. 
- We started solid foods this month and he's a pro. So far he's had avocado, sweet potato, banana, pears, peas and peaches and we usually just feed him solids once a day.
- Most days we're down to two naps but every once in a while he needs a short third one. 
- He continues to be very physically active. I put him in the jumper this last week and I think he thought he'd died and gone to heaven. Hold him so he can stand and it won't be long before he starts bouncing up and down.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Aloha Elijah

 Look at this little Prince. This is Elijah James Koamalu Bryan, the first born son of our dear friend Jonah and his beautiful wife Sara. Jonah is one of the most genuine, gentle yet vibrant, caring with a touch of crazy guys you'll ever meet. We met Jonah our first year of college when he and Josh lived in the same dorm and it didn't take long for a friendship to form between him and Josh. After college, Jonah lived with my parents for a summer while he transitioned into grad school in Seattle and so solidified his place as "family" to us. I love having friends like that - ones you get to walk through a multitude of life's seasons with.

One thing about Jonah is that he was one of those guys who was comfortable with being single. What that really means is that he frustrated just about every single girl he came in contact with in college. They fell in love with all his wonderful qualities and he fell in love with life's great adventures (swimming, rock climbing, mountaineering, surfing, barefoot running...we've seen Jonah go through a lot of different hobbies over the years) none of which seemed to really include a female companion. Until he met this beauty, Sara.

I was so intrigued to meet Sara for the first time, curious to find out what kind of woman could finally captivate Jonah. She is strong, bold, caring, quick to laugh, equally genuine and perfectly matched for Jonah. She has this amazing ability to love Jonah in a way that does not try to limit him but rather embraces him for all that he is - crazy hobbies and eating habits in all. They are the kind of couple whose love is inspiring to watch for they so beautifully allow one another to fully be who God has created them to be.

So all of that to say, I was delighted and honored to take some pictures of their sweet boy and their newly expanded family a few weeks ago.

Little Elijah you are one blessed boy and I am so excited to see what adventures lie ahead of you in the years to come. May you grow to be a boy whose vibrant love for God transcends all that you do.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Of Golden Afternoons

There are five kids, three happily married couples, and one set of wonderful grandparents that now make up the King/Stroh/Pogue family. Relaxing summer days at the cabin used to be made up of countless hours soaking up the sun while lying on the dock, inner-tubing on the lake, and delicious BBQ meals. The only thing that really remains the same is the food for family gatherings are full of life these days. Little boys show off their various feats of strength and skill, one feisty little princess who will be bossing those rough-house loving boys around in no time, and one chubby baby who soaks up all the commotion around him. There is much laughter at the antics of small children, countless wet towels and changes of clothes, sand-filled swim suits, sun-kissed noses, and a multitude of priceless moments as the kids play happily in the shallows of the lake. How blessed we are to share these golden light filled days with people we love so dearly.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Around here lately

 Around here lately we've been enjoying the last warm rays of summer. 
We've jumped on trampolines, enjoyed our first cookie-dough-covered-beater, covered our younger brother in a more toys than he can grab, spent more time without clothes on than with (well the boys have, I have been fully clothed), gone to the zoo with all our Carlson uncles (minus one) and enjoyed the simplicity of a season where we can spend more time outside than in.