Saturday, December 29, 2007

Preparation and Planning

Hello All,

It's Josh here and I'm taking my first stab at blogging. Yes yes I know, a 23 year old should be on top of this kind of stuff right. Well, I guess not. I'll get right down to it though, if you haven't heard by now Mary Frances, my extravagantly beautiful wife of two years, and I have decided to take an exciting opportunity to teach at a small Christian school in the city of Los Cedros, Nicaragua. Holy Cow! What are you guys thinking? I apologize if that news has just knocked you off of your seat. Please, try and find your chair again. A brief explanation may be in order. We both graduated last May from Trinity Western University, Mary Frances with a major in Linguistics and a minor Psychology, and I with a major in International Studies (pretty much the same as International Relations) and a focus on Biblical Studies. In our time at Trinity we of course learned a lot about our respective areas of study, but the most impactful thing we have learned in the last four years has been the heart of God for the poor and the marginalized of our world. So many people have been influential in helping us hear God's call on our lives, and even though we know we are but a vapor, we pray that through our small contribution and your participation we can make a huge impact on in the lives of people in Los Cedros. We will be continuing to update this blog with our weekly adventures, successes, and failures. Please journey with us.

God Bless