Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Owen has discovered food, or at least the idea of it. Meals have become a time of avoiding the feeling of his tiny little eyes boaring in to me as he wonders why he can't have some too. It is a silent plead coupled with strands of saliva dripping down his chin and shark attack like reflexes to anything that passes by his mouth which made me realize this boy might be ready for food. So, one week why of turning 5 months Owen had his first taste of "solid foods." I don't know that you can qualify mashed to death bananas mixed with breast milk solid but regardless it is his first introduction to food. I was fully prepared for the scrunched up face and projectile tongue reacting to the foreign taste and texture in his mouth as he became acquainted with the banana mush; however, he simply swished it around, drooled a bit down his chin, and opened his mouth for more. Another step in parenthood for me and another step towards childhood for him...oh boy!

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Owen Lately

Owen lately...
has been enjoying living with his Carlson Grandparents
and two of his fabulous Carlson Uncles (Clark and Galen).
He has been trying so hard to roll from his back to his tummy.
He has discovered that he has an opinion
and is not afraid to vocalize it.
Food is beginning to look delicious.
Owen lately continues to bring a smile to my face and
a song to my heart.
Thank you Lord for my precious boy.
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