Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Trucks

Owen was introduced to his first toy truck this past week thanks to his
Great Nana. It was a hit! What may have been even more enjoyable after they were opened was watching these three sweet boys play with their new Christmas trucks.

One thing I absolutely love about our King side of the family gatherings
is watching our two sweet nephews, Jude and Levi, and Owen.
There is such a sweet innocence in which they embrace what have become
beloved and longstanding traditions in the family.
Presents are met with squeals of joy, Christmas goodies are looked at longingly and drooled over,
the beauty of the Christmas tree is mesmerizing. They bring such life to everything we do
and are three of the gifts I am daily grateful for.


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Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa Baby

Owen meets the true meaning for Christmas...and then promptly stuck him in his mouth.

Plop this kid in front of the sparkling tree and he's happy as a clam.

Owen is a child of many hats. I love them all!

Current stats: 20 lbs according to my scale at home.
He makes faces when his food is warm, apparently he prefers it cold, and is
eating: Lentils, avocado, squash, sweet potatoe, bananas, apple sauce, cauliflower,
pears, prunes, blueberries, rice cereal, peas and green beans.

He recently learned how to pick food up and put it in his mouth.

He loves to mimic our talking and will often say "da da" on command,
although we know he has no idea what that means.
He is addicted to his socks and they no longer stay on his feet.
He would much rather play with things that are not toys and his
Current favorites are measuring cups and tupperware lids.

We are excited to celebrate our first Christmas together although
I really shouldn't have bought him anything and instead just gave him
balls of wrapping paper.
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