Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

I did an absolutely horrible job of documenting Christmas this year. In fact our Christmas morning picture is the only picture I have of all three of us. Nothing says Christmas better than bed-head, pajamas, and sleepy eyes. Oh well, just means I'll have to do a better job next year.

We had 3 celebrations this year due to various siblings not being around for the normal holiday celebration routine. So here are a few highlights:

*Skyping with my brother Joseph who was unable to come home from California. Owen was glued to the computer trying to tell him all about what was going on at my parents house. The best part being when Owen opened his first football from his dear sweet Uncle Joseph. Before showing anyone else what he'd gotten he turned to the computer, held out the ball and said "Whooaa!" I don't think you could have had a more perfect reaction.

*Nanimo bars made by beautiful mother. If Christmas had a taste, it would be her Nanimo bars.

*Our Christmas day celebration with Josh's family was one for the memory books. There was a windstorm which proceeded to blow all the smoke from our glowing Christmas fire back down in to the house. Presents were put down, windows and doors opened wide as we tried to control the smoke and in a final act of desperation Santa Tom came with his snow shovel and carried the remnants of the glowing fire outside.

*Watching three overly blessed little boys play together happily with their oodles of cars, race tracks, and new balls.

*Feeling blessed by the thoughtfulness of our siblings (Chelsea/Nathan, and Joseph) to send presents despite their absence.

*Ultimately, my favorite part of Christmas has nothing to do with presents or food but rather feeling grateful that because of Christ we have this holiday at all and the chance to create such wonderful memories. From beginning to end His life was a gift to us.

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Boxing Bear

While celebrating Christmas with Josh's extended family, Owen found these...

About three weeks ago we wouldn't have dared show Owen these gloves as he was testing the boundaries of what hitting means. After a few weeks where hitting, even when playing or pretending, was not an option for Owen he finally grasped the concept and regained control over his hands.

Boxing gloves were a whole new world of fun. Wrestling and punching Daddy without getting in trouble, what could be more fun?

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