Monday, November 12, 2012

Harvest Carnival

 Every year around Halloween our church hosts a Harvest Carnival complete with games, prizes, inflatables and candy. It is pure chaos. I almost want to stop writing there because that kind of sums up the event, but I won't. The thing is sometimes you have to engage in the chaos because that is how traditions begin. Sure, the costumes and whole ordeal is really more for us right now than it is for the kids, but some day soon they will think it's cool. Some day they'll run off with the their friends and leave us behind. Some day they won't want to stand still and have their picture taken...oh wait, that happens now. Some day we'll be more on the periphery. So for now, I'll take the chaos and enjoy these moments when the kids are little, the events always interrupting a nap, but the joy in the little things so genuine. 
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