Friday, April 17, 2009

Our Nephew Turns One

It's hard to believe, but our nephew Jude, turned one on March 24th! Casey celebrated by having pretty much everyone Jude knows over to their house to partake in a "Bubble Bath Birthday Bash." There was pin-the tail on the rubber ducky, bobbing for rubber duckies and cupcakes frosted to look like bubbles. Jude, having never had cake before, was a little unsure of his birthday cupcake. Casey tried to put frosting in his mouth and he turned his head to the side, disgusted that she would even dream up putting it in his mouth. Finally she snuck some in and after his first taste of sweet delicious frosting, it was love at first lick. He then proceeded to spread his chubby little hand out and grab the cupcake by its frosted top followed by an attempt at stuffing the entire thing in his mouth. It was by far the funniest 1st birthday cake experience I have ever seen.

I was designated to be the photographer for the party, so here are a few shots.

Rubber Duckies

Bubble Cupcakes

Announcing His B-day

More Rubber Duckies

The Birthday Boy

Vanna Casey highlighting the party spread.

Experiencing History!

In the beginning of March, we experienced history :The inaugural game for the Seattle Sounders! Josh and I are both big soccer fans, having grown up playing, so we thought it appropriate to be at Seattle's soccer team's induction into the major leagues. Something tells me there are many more games in our future.

The packed stadium...the game was sold out and we had sweet seats with an unobstructed view of the field.

Josh holding four tickets to the game! (The other two were for Heidi and Robin.)

Me, Squeakers (aka Tyson Schween) and Heidi.

Pam, Ben, Josh, and Robin all anticipating the beginning of the game!

The Sounders in action!

Reminiscing Hawaii

Man! Seattle sure moves a lot faster than life in Nicaragua. My poor blog has been feeling neglected so I thought it was time to update with some new pictures and comments.

In mid-February Josh and I went to Hawaii with his family. We stayed in Maui and had a wonderful time playing on the beach, whale watching, and baking ourselves in the warm sunshine. After living in Hawaii like weather for the past year, it was a welcome change after two months of being back in Seattle rain.

Photo Op as we watch the whales breeching out in the bay.

Josh giving Jude guitar lessons...we are expecting him to be famous one day...thought we'd give him some help.

Josh, Chelsea and Tom body surfing the waves. Doesn't it look like fun?

Jude modeling Chelsea's throw back to the 80s sunglasses.

Enjoying the view with our dear friends Brian and Claire Mars on our snorkeling trip.

Me and FIL (my Father-in-Law, Tom)

Stalking my prey in the Banyan Tree in Lahina.

Us...we later learned this picture was illegal as you're not allowed to climb in the tree. Whoops!

Claire and Brian's not so illegal picture.