Sunday, August 21, 2011

Owen lately

Mr. Owen is 15th fabulous months old. He is like a good wine (not that I would know since I'm allergic) he gets better with that bad that I just compared my toddler to an alcoholic beverage? Anyway, since I'm no longer doing a month by month account of his life in his baby book, I need to write a few things down so I don't forget the wonderful and funny things about him at this time. So, if you're interested continue on, if you're not, just look at his cute pictures and move on.

*Walking, walking walking - He started taking steps on his own in June, by Father's day he was getting pretty confident, by July he was was in the Franken-baby stage arms held out in front. August came and its so easy to forget that not too long ago he was barely even crawling.
*Due to the walking he has lots of bumps and bruises adoring his forehead and legs at all times.
*He has learned how to climb...yikes! I now have to barricade the fireplace upstairs because I found him standing up inside of the chimney in pursuit of his ball.
*He crawls up and down the stairs.
*Balls are his most favorite source of entertainment he loves to kick them, throw them, and make stools and counters in to basketball hoops.
*He thinks leaping off the ottoman into a pile of couch pillows is pretty much the best thing ever.
*He loves to read books
*He plays so well by himself.
*He is dropping his morning nap, which is both exciting and sad.
*He goes to bed at 7:30p.m. and sleeps till 7:30 a.m. like a rock.
*No more binky as of last week.
*He weighs 24 lbs and is 33 inches tall (50% for weight, 95% for height...the Carlson genes live on!)
*He loves trying to feed himself and is getting particular about wanting his food to be properly served from a plate or a bowl.
*He thinks he can talk and carries on all sorts of unintelligible conversations with us.
*Words he says: Mama, dada, adios, hello, ball, dog (sounds like duck), uh-oh
*He tries to's hilarious.

Playing basketball...he made this up himself.


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Showering Naomi

In about a month, give or take a few weeks, I'm going to be an Aunt again to the sweetest, cutest, (most likely) chubbiest, little girl there ever was. Since she is the first girl grandchild it was very important to throw Casey a girly pink shower. Myself and two of Casey's best friends conspired together to throw a hot pink and orange Sugar and Spice themed baby shower, the perfect mixture of girly and sophistication. We had a delightful assortment of cheese, crackers, fruit kabobs, and baked goods along with some fabulous sparkling juices and wines. My house was simply humming with chatting ladies! Later I chuckled thinking about the 10 ladies crammed into the kitchen area around the sink and stove completely oblivious to the fact that there was a fabulous deck a mere 5 feet away with ample room and fresh air. If this had been a "man shower" there is no way you would have found them in the kitchen, they would have been outside in a heart beat.

Anyway, Casey was literally showered with a load of pink clothes and girly accesories. There were a few presents in particular I think all of us were a little jealous of wishing they came in adult sizes. Although let's be honest, it would not be nearly as cute in anything less than miniature size. I think it was safe to say a good time was had by all and Casey was given enough pink things to satisfy her nesting urges for the next day or two. Can't wait to meet you sweet little Naomi!

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Priest Lake

Our final day in Idaho was filled with water and sunshine. The first half of the day is undocumented photographically as I didn't feel like carting one more thing on our hike up to the natural water rock slides. It was a lovely jaunt through the woods, traversing across crystal streams of freezing cold mountain waters. All of us concurred that a hike without water either as it's destination or at least with water along the way is really not worth hiking. This hike was double the fun because it had both!

Anyways, what greeted us at the end of the trail was a granite slope with water cascading over it into glassy pools at the bottom. Appropriate sliding attire is not necessarily attractive but completely functional. Shimmy into a large black garbage bag with holes in the bottom for your legs to poke through then tie it around your midsection and you are ready for the rock water slides!

I was one of the last people in our group to go after watching the technique. The goal was to stay to the left of the "water path" to land in the pool at the bottom, too far right and the only way to stop yourself is to grab on to a rope hanging above your head or risk some serious damage on the way over a mini-waterfall. I figured it'd be no problem, everyone else had gone with out any trouble. Apparently, I figured wrong for where did the water take me but too far to the right. Never in my life have I been so glad to be snatched up by a man I did not know or so grateful that Josh wasn't with us for fear he would die of fright on my behalf. Despite that little bump in the slide down it was super fun!

After our tail bones had had enough we hiked back down to the cars and headed off to Priest Lake. We spent the afternoon dining on a lovely picnic lunch, basking in the warmth of the summer sun, and rejoicing at the refreshment found in the water.

As you can see Owen had a blast. He'd probably still be sitting in the sand at the water's edge, plastic fork in hand digging holes in the wet sand.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Glow

The picture above seems like something from a home magazine. I say that not because of the quality of the picture, but rather because of the way it glows. Isn't it picturesque? We spent most of our evenings in Idaho outside chatting about the days events as we waited for hot coffee to percolate or outdoor movie watching treats to appear.

That's right, you read that correctly: Outdoor Movie Nights. Could there be anything better? I am here to tell you there isn't. A tray full of delicious delectables, homemade marshmallows (compliments of Theresa's sister Andrea Miller) toasting to perfection over a glowing fire, a large Adirondack chair complete with a cozy quilt and a movie screen hung between two pine trees - the perfect set up for some summer movie fun.

The first evening we watched a childhood classic, Swiss Family Robinson. I think most of us imagined some grandiose adventure as we embarked on hike the following morning. The following night we watched an old Robert Redford classic, The Sting. In reality, I don't think it would've mattered what movie we were watching when you have that kind of environment to enjoy it in.

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Magical Light

Mary Miller has a Harry Potter inspired wand. She has not read the books nor seen all the movies but since she makes so many magical things it only makes sense that she would have a wand. This wand was coveted by two people in my family: 1) My mother - she should probably have a wand, especially now that she has entered "Nana-hood," but for now she will just have to covet Mary Millers. 2) Owen naturally. He did not covet the wand for the same reasons my mother did, but more for the tiny light shining tip. Needless to say this wand was a big hit.

After the magic of the wand had worn off Owen embraced an equally enthralling light bearing object - glow sticks. I wish I'd gotten some better pictures of his exploration with light.

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Sweet Summertime

Priest River, Idaho - a tiny unassuming town in northern Idaho and the birthplace of my sweet sister-in-law Theresa. What would beckon us to pack up the car on a Thursday evening and drive six hours to get there you might ask. The answer would be found in the warmth emanating from the Miller home and the promise of a weekend basking in the sun filled with good food and adventure.

The Miller family are aficionados of fine food and all things home-made. When I say all things, I literally mean ALL. For example, Theresa's father Dan constructed their house from the ground up, every board and nail placed lovingly by his experienced hand. Her mother, Mary, is a sewing and decor master and walking into their house feels a bit like living in an Anthropology meets Pottery Barn wonderland (although more personable because most things are salvaged or hand-made.)

Back yard tent platform made by Mary Miller. I don't think there could be a cooler place to sleep!

Our first day was fairly low key as we awaited the arrival of my parents. We basked in the sun on the deck, assembled the outdoor movie screen which was strung between two trees, and of course enjoyed a some delicious food.

Upon my parents arrival we hopped in the Miller's truck and headed out to float the Priest River, one of my favorite things to do. It was a glorious float, with the perfect amount of sleepy river stretches and patches of thrilling rapids. If time had permitted I would have done that trip at least three more times!

Tackling Papi

Playing ball with Aunt Theresa

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